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We are Proud to present our new collection of gifts. We have our very own range of candles and car air fresheners as well as soaps from the All Natural Soap co.


Our stunning new range of clean, eco friendly, cruelty free soy wax candles now available in store. Each candle is hand made with premium candle fragrance oils, colour and finally hand poured in a choice of containers. Every candle is unique and handcrafted to perfection to give a clean burn and maximum scent throw for a relaxed ambiance in any surrounding. Each with premium Wooden wick or 100% lead free cotton wick designed to curl and emit virtually no soot.Why soy? Well - They are made from 100% Soya bean oil which comes from renewable farmed plant resource

* Does not emit toxins whilst burning which can only be good for your health

* Extremely low soot emission which helps with cleaner room ambiance

* Soya is biodegradable and hence good for the environment

* Soya is water-soluble with any detergent and hence the container can be re-used in your home

* Burns cooler and slower which results in Soy candles having an improved burn time in excess of 40%

Small jars are £5.50  Medium jars are £8.50  Large wooden wicks are £13.50  Aromatherapy candles are £15.50

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